‘If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become the truth for you.’-Louise Hay

Our beliefs have a very powerful impact on our lives. They create opportunities and lead us through the journey of life.

Unfortunately, not all of the beliefs will move you in a positive direction. There are many limiting beliefs that can constrain a person’s productivity and progress.

These beliefs offer a limited view of what a person can do and how far they can go in life.

If you let these limiting beliefs control your path, you will make it very challenging for yourself to achieve your goals.

In order to break through your own limiting beliefs, you must understand what they are and how each limiting belief has held you back from achieving personal success and even your dreams.

The FIRST thing is to recognize that all beliefs are a choice…YOUR CHOICE.

Do YOU have a belief right now that is causing you…

  • Pain?
  • Suffering?
  • Self doubt?
  • Lack of confidence?
  • Distrust in yourself?

These beliefs are holding you back from achieving greatness!


To transform these beliefs into something positive and motivating.

Self-doubt attacks your confidence and how you feel about yourself.

For tips on how to conquer self-doubt, click on the link below to my blog called ‘2 Way to Crush Self Doubt and Achieve Your Dreams & Goals’

Here is a list of limiting beliefs that have plagued my coaching clients, employees, and even myself in the past:

  • I can’t because I don’t have experience or education.
  • I don’t deserve this or good things in life.
  • I don’t need this.
  • I am not good enough.
  • I am not good with my money/I will never make enough money.
  • I am not a good mom/dad.
  • People will judge me.
  • I will only get hurt or fail.
  • I am too old or too young.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • No one listens to what I have to say, so why say it.
  • The economy is bad.
  • I am not good at numbers or math.
  • Do I have the capacity to even try?
  • Am I going to make it?


Every limiting belief on this list screams of an overwhelming emotion that we experienced in the past.

As children, we believed what others said to us and took many things at face value.

We are highly influenced by what we are told by our parents, educators, the media, the community, and society.


Discovering your limiting beliefs is a process and the first step is awareness.

Writing your limiting beliefs down once you’ve uncovered them is key. The writing process allows you to examine, feel the emotion and eventually uncover what that limiting belief is costing you.

Take out your journal and write the answers to these questions on a consistent basis.

I ask myself these questions weekly:

  • What is my limiting belief(s)? What is playing in my mind over and over when something becomes uncomfortable or difficult.
  • What has your limiting belief cost you in the past?
  • What is the limiting belief costing you right now?
  • What could the limiting belief cost you in the future?
  • How do I transform a limiting belief to a deliberate empowering belief?

‘Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; nothing controls you except your beliefs.’-Marianne Williamson

I believe that limiting beliefs have received way too much airtime in our lives and it is time to move beyond giving airplay to that negative voice in our heads that is holding us back.

As humans, limiting beliefs, doubts and fears will never completely go away.

The question is…


Many people blame their lack of progress in life on their insecurities, problems, internal dramas, emergencies, and emotional turmoil.

In other words, they are not successful, or in a better place because they trust their limiting beliefs which slowly become barriers to improvement or any form of achievement.

Our limiting beliefs have stunted our potential because it has seeped into who and what we believe about ourselves.


On a broader cultural level, we as humans are always…

Fixated on our problems, weakness, and maladies.

Even in business or the workplace, we focus on what is wrong.

  • What is wrong with our sales.
  • What is not right with our teams.
  • What is wrong with our employees.
  • What is wrong with our processes, resources, and profit.

As leaders, we are constantly managing to our weaknesses vs our strengths…

What is wrong vs. what is right?



Try shifting your personal narrative by focusing with vigor on your strengths, opportunities, and virtues.

It is these thoughts that cultivate a healthy mind and redirect intense emotions and energy into the confidence to follow passions, use strengths, achieve goals and dreams.

My book recommendation this week is called ‘Leverage your Mindset: Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life’ by Motivational Speaker, Ricky Kalmon.

The book provides tips and exercises on how to banish the negative, limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success and fulfillment.

If you want to feel more alive, more powerful, strong, and capable of changing…there needs to be a shift in your entire focus and how you manage yourself.

‘The only limits you have are the limits you believe.’-Wayne Dyer



After you have uncovered your limiting beliefs through your journaling activity, take the insecurities and negative thoughts that have plagued your mind in the past and shift them to focusing on your greatness.

When we feel good about ourselves, we gain clarity and make better choices.

When we make better choices, we are energized to move toward functioning as our best selves.

The more qualities you find that you love about yourself, that you are grateful for and proud of, the more you will feel good about yourself and feel alive.

Take Action:

Start making a list of all the things that make you feel good about being you.

Keep this list and continue adding to it and reading it back to yourself, especially when you are having a bad day (and we all do).

In the future, when a new problem comes up in your life (and there will always be one), turn your focus and attention to not how big the problem is…


What would happen if you stepped into the greatest part of yourself when tackling a problem, a fear, or a limiting belief?

You will experience …

The greatness of what you are capable of being and doing when you are acting from a place of your highest self.

There is greatness that lives inside you, and it just needs to be released!

‘You begin to fly when you let go of self-limiting beliefs and allow your mind and aspirations to rise to great heights.’-Brian Tracy


We are plagued by negative self-talk and limiting language when speaking about ourselves and our abilities.

For example,

  • I am wiped out.
  • I’m tired.
  • I wish I had more time in the day.
  • If only I had more energy and motivation.
  • I don’t feel like it.

Instead, become aware of your language when speaking to others and especially yourself.

When you catch yourself using limiting language, tap back into your aliveness in your body and mind.

Take Action:

At the start of each day, use these affirmations to awaken yourself:

  • Today I am going to focus on what’s great about me!
  • I am going to do this by being fully alive, engaged, and present in all my interactions.
  • I have the incredible gift of life!
  • What level of awareness do I feel in my body right now?


Limiting beliefs are a choice.


So what are you going to do to win the day?

In Summary:

  • Discover and document your limiting beliefs.
  • Think about what your limiting beliefs has cost you in the past, today, and perhaps in the future, is an impactful exercise.
  • Focusing on your greatness and aliveness in the moment will change the narrative and shift your perspective to how you view yourself.

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George Andreas, Founder