We’ve all been there… Struggling to get up in the morning and maintaining stamina throughout the day.

Feeling energized fuels motivation and stimulates a great attitude. Positive energy levels can give us confidence in our decision making and relationships.

When we meet someone with high energy levels, we are captivated by their ability to be present or mindful of their surroundings. They have a curious mindset and are very intentional with their relationships and daily work habits.

Above all, they can generate energy consistently.

I have always found the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson,

“The world belongs to the energetic”, immensely powerful.

Energy is a term people use everyday, but it is not that easy to define.

Positive energy is associated with motivation, exuberance, passion, confidence, and optimism.

There is also negative energy, which is associated with anger, tension, exhaustion, depression, pessimism, and self pity.

There are energy givers and energy takers.

There are also many things that give you energy or destroy your energy.

This article will provide recommendations on not only how to increase energy levels, but tips on HOW TO PROTECT your energy.


In order to gain an understanding of your current energy levels, take out your journal and rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 on the following statements:

  1. I have the mental stamina to be present and focused throughout the day.
  2. I have the physical energy I need to achieve my goals everyday.
  3. In general, I feel cheerful and optimistic.
  4. My mind feels slow and foggy.
  5. I am physically exhausted a lot of the time.
  6. I feel a lot of negative energy and emotions.

These questions are designed to show you that energy isn’t just physical. But the reality is that people do perceive energy levels to be only physical, when in fact it also relates to mental alertness and positive emotion.

Lower ratings in your energy levels may…

  • Lower your overall happiness,
  • Lower your enthusiasm for taking on new challenges or tasks.
  • Lower your confidence levels and decision making.
  • Affect your sleep, relationships and influence you have with others.
  • It also lowers your ability to consistently eat well and be active.

Therefore, low energy not only reduces your ability to perform at work or reach your full potential, it also seeps into other aspects of your life.

Low energy negatively impacts your happiness and your momentum to take on bigger challenges, which can lower your confidence. You may even pay less attention to your diet, sleep, and physical activity levels.

Of course, the opposite also applies. In other words, increase your energy and all of the above factors will also improve.

The more energy you have, the more likely you are to be creative or innovative at work. In fact, people with higher energy levels become better learners and are able to uncover their purpose and live a more fulfilling life.

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‘Energy is eternal delight’-William Blake.

We all know people that have high energy more consistently.

So what are they doing to get it?

Here they are…

10 Daily Habits Of People With High Energy:

  1. They are conscious of their sleep habits. They remove all distractions in their bedroom (i.e., No devices 1 hour before sleep) They also ensure to set their alarm, perhaps read a book or play a meditation before sleep to calm their mind. They prepare their bodies for sleep.

For more information on the power of sleep and additional resources, refer to Arianna Huffington’s website called ‘thrive global’.


  • They drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated is critical. Even mild dehydration can leave you feeling fatigued and zap your energy levels.

To find out how much water you should drink, check out:


  • They take breaks. Energetic people are kind to themselves by taking brief breaks every few hours to recharge, improve their focus so they have the energy they need to keep going.
  • They work out. I am not suggesting that you need to exercise for hours each day. However, incorporating mild physical activity daily (like going for a brisk walk) can reduce fatigue, clear your mind for more productivity throughout the day. Note: It is best to do this first thing in the morning so you start your day right.
  • They have a healthy diet. Some foods are better than others for keeping your tank full. Consume plenty of water-based foods (i.e. Fruits and Vegetables should represent at least 75% of your daily food intake). Stick to small meals throughout the day and try not to eat fast food or take out too often. Junk food lacks nutrients and can deplete your energy. You may also want to eliminate or limit your alcohol and sugar intake for a healthier mind and body. The only sugar our body needs, can be found in fruits.
  • They spend time outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Spending time hiking or kayaking can actual help reduce stress, anxiety and raise our attention capacity, creativity, and connection.
  • They limit their caffeine intake. When drinking in moderation, caffeine can boost energy levels. However, overindulgence can affect your sleep patterns and can cause you to crash when the caffeine leaves your system. If you need your coffee, try to limit it to one coffee in the morning to ensure the caffeine is out of your system before bedtime.
  • They get sun! Exposure to natural light regulates the body’s serotonin production. A chemical that boosts your mood and increases your focus.
  • They take multi vitamins. To combat nutritional deficiencies and fatigue.

And finally 10…They have an ABUNDANT vs. SCARCITY MINDSET.

Someone with an abundant mindset feeds their soul with:

  • Gratitude.

Tony Robbins believes in the practice of gratitude when he says…

‘When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears’.

  • Focusing on what they have.
  • Surrounding themselves with like minded people.
  • Creating ‘win’ ‘win’ situations.
  • Looking at the possibilities.
  • Bringing their highest self to every relationship.

For more insight into moving from a scarcity to an abundant mindset, read our blog below:

We reviewed daily habits to increase your energy levels.

However, It’s also important to view our energy levels as something that is sacred and we should consciously PROTECT it and keep ‘energy drainers’ at a distance.

Here are 5 Ways to Protect you Energy:

  1. Avoid NEWS addiction. The job of the news is to terrify and persuade you to think negatively about the world. People who watch the NEWS constantly may have a skewed sense of reality. Spending hours each day watching these events that you cannot control is TOXIC for your mind and depletes energy.
  • Avoid limiting beliefs that others try to instill in us.

One of my favorite videos on the topic is from Leadership expert and author Robin Sharma called ‘4 Methods Superstars Use to Protect their Energy’

  • The words we use when speaking about ourselves. People with high energy have a positive image of themselves and never use words like ‘ I can’t, maybe later, I won’t, I don’t know, I should do that, or I don’t have time’.
  • They surround themselves with ‘battery charges, not battery drainers.’ Who you surround yourself with is who you become. Energy makers understand that you do not need to push people out of your life to protect yourself. Negative people will leave as you evolve, and they will get replaced by the positive people who feed your energy.

One of my favourite books on this subject is by Christiane Northrup called ‘Dodging Energy Vampires’. You can purchase using the link below:

  • Energetic people minimize distraction and noise. Specifically, not using social media as to tool for gossip, comparing, toxicity, and endless scrolling.

In summary, people want to be around people who have high energy levels.

It has an enormous impact on how you can come across and who you are drawn to. It’s something you create in your daily activities with everything you do and even the things you DON’T DO.

Great energy can boost our feelings of well-being, minimize anxiety, and improve communication.

Bad energy only creates conflict and resentment.

Our goal should be to maximize the good and minimize the bad,  by installing new habit and protecting our energy levels.

Start today by journaling answers to the following questions:

  • The things that cause me the most amount of tension each day are…
  • A way I could remind myself to release that tension throughout the day is…
  • If I felt more energy each day, I would be more likely to…

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