Easy Money – Make Insane Passive Income with Low Content Publishing eBook Bundle

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EASY MONEY- Make Insane Passive Income with
Low Content Publishing eBook Bundle:

Have you been looking for:

• Ways to make Passive Income?
• A simple system that has the potential to make you thousands of dollars in
passive income every month?
• An easy to manage online business to run from the comfort of your own
• Something that is easy to set up?
• Requires minimal start-up costs?
• Does not require a technical background?
• A flexible option that allows you to supplement your work income on your
own schedule?

I’m NOT talking about MLM OR Drop Shipping !

I’m going to show you one of the best side hustles available
today, to make an insane amount of money, with the most
profitable platform available online: Amazon!

I’m talking about publishing and selling Low

What’s Low Content????

Low Content products consist of the following:
✓ Journals
✓ Calendars
✓ Coloring Books
✓ Planners
✓ Sketch Books
✓ Composition Books
✓ Notepads
✓ Prayer Books
✓ Trackers
✓ Printables

Ultimately, low content products are books that includes very little-to-no

With low content books you can develop one interior design
template and utilize it over and over again!

Some Benefits of selling low-content books include:
✓ You don’t require a lot of time to create it.
✓ You don’t need prior experience.
✓ Start up costs are low.
✓ You don’t have to be a great writer.

Low content books are basically lined journal designs with minimal
to no text or graphics.


You can even,


Including the interior design templates…

And set it on AUTOPILOT!

How’s that for Passive Income?

The reality is, with low content publishing, you can
get going in about a week!

Once you get the hang of it, you can produce low content
books in just a few hours!

Are you ready to make a killing selling low content

EASY MONEY- Make Insane Passive Income
with Low Content Publishing eBook Bundle:

o A step-by-step guide
o Tips & Recommendations
o Case studies
o Resource links

BONUS…There’s More!!!

You’ll also receive:
o A Knowledge Quiz
o Take Action Worksheet
o Bonus Resource links


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6 reviews for Easy Money – Make Insane Passive Income with Low Content Publishing eBook Bundle

  1. Darlene Mund

    After being released from my company due to COVID-19, I was looking for ways to supplement my income while looking for a full time position. I came across Easy Money and thought I’d give it a chance. The book was easy to read and had tons of resources. Can’t wait to start making money 😊 Thanks victory pivot!

  2. Carmen Caylor

    I’ve been researching ways to make some extra money for quite some time. I’ve seen it all…or at least I thought. I had no idea what low content books were and how much money you could make selling them. I just finished easy money and super stoked to get going ! Thanks Victorypivot

  3. Minta Loften

    I read a blog last year on low content publishing. I thought it was a cool idea although never pursued it. I recently saw a link to victorypivot on a facebook group, with topic, you guessed it, low cost publishing. I guess I saw it as a sign so I bought it. 😊 After reading Easy Money, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to bank some extra cash!

  4. Karlie Ferante

    Easy to follow and easy to get started! I’ll have my first coloring book up on Amazon by the end of the week 😊

  5. Dawn Girard

    Loved it ! Ready to get my Gratitude Journal on Amazon.

  6. Evard Hegge

    I’ve been looking for a simple to start home business! I’m glad I came across this !

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