My Name is George Andreas, Founder of

2020 was a challenging year.

And for many of us, it took a toll on our emotional, career and/or financial well being.

Having said that …

There are many businesses and entrepreneurs that thrived. They have used the opportunity

to continue to grow, invest in professional development and work on their emotional

and financial well being, health, happiness, and prosperity. 

With the world in lockdown,  It’s no surprise that the businesses realizing this

success, are operating solely online, or have a strong online presence.

Over the last 20+Years,

I’ve built successful online businesses and worked with some of North America’s most

recognized organizations, in a corporate sales and marketing capacity.

I have been blessed to be able to live a meaningful life while strategically building

my wealth and investing in my own professional development.

At 41, as I look back, I attribute my success in business, because of my deep understanding

of money management. I was fortunate to have mentors and family around to stress

the importance of saving, investing, and balancing the books.

I was also confident in myself, and understood the importance of having the right mindset,

and not setting limitations, to achieve the success I desired.

When you navigate, you’ll see that there are three categories of focus:

Take Control of Your Money (Personal Finance)

Personal Growth (Self development) 

Make Money Online

If you are wondering why the focus is on these 3 categories, it’s because they are all connected.

Bottom line is…

If you can’t manage your finances or if your mindset is not 

in the right place, it will be a challenge to start and or run

a profitable business.

If you have:

*Been Laid off

*Lost your business

*Or stagnant in your current position

If you’re looking to:

*Start an online business

*Enhance your online knowledge and skillsets

*Learn proven ways to make money

*Take control of your finances

*Improve your mindset and become the best version of you!

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Until next time…

I sincerely wish you the best on your journey to enhance your life!

George Andreas, Founder

My name is Louise Mazzotta, Career Coach & Content Creator at

My Purpose is to inspire those around me to live greater, love deeper and leave a legacy.

I have a passion for people which means harnessing my creativity, curiosity, and energy to help others grow and make their mark on the world as a version of their best selves.

I explore the world with interest and wonder by traveling to unique and truly remarkable destinations to learn from their distinct and compelling cultures while absorbing the beauty of their natural surroundings.

I welcome each life experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. This means I have a personal responsibility to use the power of my authentic voice to call out injustices, bringing challenges to the forefront, and offer solutions that promote inclusiveness and a sense of belonging.

My favorite quote is: “No matter what your past has been – you have a spotless future.” –Tony Hsieh

Impactful authors and leadership experts include:

o Brene Brown

o Brendon Burchard

o Jay Shetty

o Marie Forleo

The Power of Journaling – a window into your mind. I journal everyday. It keeps me grounded, gives me a sense of purpose, and sets an intention. I recommend this daily practice to everyone I coach or spend impactful time with.

Our purpose at is to help you… PLAN, PREPARE AND SUCCEED!

If you’re looking for personal 1 on 1 coaching, send us a message via our contact form @:

We can discuss a customized coaching program that’s right for you! 

I look forward to working and guiding you , on your journey to enhance your life and become the best version of you!

Louise Mazzotta, Career Coach & Content Creator at