‘I never dreamed of success, I worked for it’ -Estee Lauder

Throughout history, successful people have inspired, motivated and become a point of reference throughout our careers and personal lives.

We often want or dream of replicating the success of mainstream media moguls like Oprah…

Climate Change Activists like Greta Thunberg…

Spiritual masters such as Ghandi…

Elite athletes like Michael Jordan…

And… Entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk.

But, what makes these famous people successful?

If you look back, throughout history, successful people are not from a particular background, they do not come from a specific economic stature and they are not of a certain age or demographic.

Yet, some people are successful, and some are not.

What separates successful people from the pack, is their mindset and how they consistently manage themselves.

They have an abundant mindset.

For more information on an abundant vs scarcity mindset, read my blog:

3 Steps to go from a Scarcity to Abundant Mindset

Before we dig deeper into the mind of a successful person, let’s discuss…

What makes people UNSUCCESSFUL.

The List below all fall under the umbrella of LIMITING BELIEFS.


I believe that your excuses are liars, and your doubts are thieves in disguise. The more times in a day you rationalize why you can’t become all that you want to be or create the life that your best self wants…


If you repeat your excuses long enough, you may actually reprogram your subconscious mind to believing they are true.

In fact, if you keep ‘excusing away’ your power to do great things, you won’t do the work required to realize your potential and become who you were meant to be.


When you blame others, you are giving your power to the people and conditions you blame. In other words, blaming is playing the victim card.

‘When you blame others, you give up your power to change’

-Robert Anthony

Here are some common words and phrases that blamers utter frequently:

  • It’s my boss’s fault.
  • It wasn’t me.
  • My job is boring.
  • Today was not really my day.
  • It’s the Government’s fault.
  • My partner just doesn’t get it!
  • I’m late because of the traffic.
  • Nobody taught me that in school or at work.

When you blame or criticize others, you are avoiding the truth about yourself.


Speaking about people (behind their back/online or in a group) who are not present only fortifies what you think about yourself, your fears and insecurities.

When you speak about someone’s unfortunate circumstances, weaknesses, deficiencies, or flaws, you will be reinforcing them into your own mindset.

Unsuccessful people feed off of toxicity and gossip because it masks their own negative tendencies.


Over a period of time, complainers become boring.

I believe complaining is a mask for anger and/or bitterness.

The more you complain about what’s not working, the more you are training your brain to only look for the negative or what is always wrong with a situation or circumstance.

Complainers only see scarcity and therefore will never see or look for opportunities or dream.


Unsuccessful people are inconsistent. They only exert energy for a limited period of time and lose interest.

  • Have you ever decided to better your eating or sleeping habits, but failed after the first month?
  • What about making a commitment to adopt great personal finance habits, then after a few weeks decided to go on that expensive cruise or buy that new vehicle?
  • Have you ever committed to managing your time better, only to find yourself going right back to your old habits?

During my coaching conversations, this is huge topic because inconsistency is the enemy of success.

The lack of discipline or follow through and accountability fuels ones limiting story.


‘The limits of my language means the limits of my world’-Ludwig Wittgenstein

We all have goals, dreams, and aspirations. Often, unsuccessful people will use limiting language to damage or minimize their belief in what is possible and sabotage their success.

Familiar phrases they might use:

  • I don’t know how to do that.
  • I don’t have those things.
  • I am not like those people.
  • That hasn’t worked in the past.
  • I don’t have enough time or energy.
  • I wish I could do that.

What happens when we use limiting language is that we STOP moving forward. Instead, we promote powerlessness and self doubt.

‘Let the rest do whatever…while you do whatever it takes’-Grant Cardone.

I have read many books on success. Few have the energy and passion like author & entrepreneur Grant Cardone.

For a jolt of success principles and personal failures and triumphs, I recommend the book ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’.

The next section is about getting into the mindset and thinking of a successful person.

I know many successful people and they all understand how to protect their bandwidth and potential. They also bullet proof their confidence and bravery and model this through their daily behaviours.

For a deeper dive into protecting, you confidence, read my blog on ‘ 3 Steps to Bulletproof Your Confidence’


  1. They Define what Success looks like NOW

Successful people are constantly evolving into better versions of themselves.

Rocket fuel for successful people is continuing to progress

toward their dreams, goals, and ambitions…

EVEN when nobody is watching.

They are masters at NOT comparing themselves to other people’s success. They chart their own course freely, away from the distraction and noise that pushes the average person off course.


‘You must control your attention to control your life’-Steve Jobs

I believe that when it comes to success principles…you need to understand where your energy flows.

I have learned over the years to only focus on things that move the needle.

Moving the needle toward my purpose, my goals, building connections and my dreams. This means I have said ‘no’ to many people, social media platforms and good ideas.


You need to start pruning your life, which means saying no even when it seems like a good idea. You need to recognize the need to stay on track and not get distracted.


Successful people are not embarrassed by their failures.

They learn from them and start again. They understand that to grow you need to accept risk and some failure.

In fact, successful people thrive on failure because it is a great teacher. You gain experience, growth and eventually breakthroughs.

For a deep dive on why failure is important for success, ready my blog: ‘Don’t be Afraid to Fail – 4 Ways High Achievers View Failure to Succeed’

American Businesswomen, Entrepreneur and Founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely, shared her success about failure:

‘It is important to be willing to make mistakes, the worst thing that can happen is you become memorable’

Failure is the progress of growth and successful people dust themselves off, learn and move on.


‘Good can be the enemy of the Best’-Joel Olsteen

Great is never good enough when it comes to the super successful.

They are on an obsessive pursuit for better.

Successful people never become complacent or egotistic about their success.

They just want to get better all the time – there is always room to improve.


Take out your journal and ask yourself these powerful questions:

Track your answers for the next 30 days:

  • Am I better than I was 2 years ago? Am I smarter, kinder, more compassionate, better off in my career, am I making better decisions?
  • What do I need to do to become a great version of myself?


Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you consistently’ -Marie Forleo

I believe that this is the trait that we as human beings need the most work.

Most people lack commitment and cannot sustain their goals or promises to themselves.

Inconsistency is one of the main reasons people never achieve their goals.

Super successful people are relentless in their commitment to their craft, mastery and vision.

This is seen in their daily behaviours when no one is paying attention. They are doing what they said they were going to do – long after the mood or feeling has left.

Consistency is the mother of all mastery.


We are the average of the 5 people we surround ourselves with most.

Super successful people try to be around others who can motivate them and propel their success.

It can be difficult to take a step back from toxic or destructive people in your life, but the successful have managed to minimize or abandon these relationships because there are so many amazing people out there to meet and spend time with.


‘Ordinary people love entertainment. Extraordinary people love education’-Robin Sharma

Successful people are always looking for an edge.

This means they are obsessive about their desire to learn and grow.

They are learning about their craft when most people are scrolling through social media sites, binge watching Netflix, gossiping, or just wasting time.

Super Successful people simply outlearn others.

They have become greedy about their learning, always wanting to get better and invest in themselves.

The super successful believe they are worth it.

As outlined in successful habit #5 – they are consistent with their learning strategies and investments. They have an insatiable hunger for growth.

Successful people are not the smartest, richest, or luckiest individuals in the world.

Remember, it is their habits that make them super successful.

In summary, you can install success habits by:

  1. Defining what success looks like now.
  2. Being insanely focused.
  3. Having persistent resiliency.
  4. Constantly pursuing better.
  5. Having unwavering consistency.
  6. Surrounding yourself with great people.
  7. Becoming a lifelong learner.

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George Andreas, Founder