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“3 Ways A Career Coach Can Transform Your Life” : Part 1 Of 3 Part Series

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I shared how working with a coach can transform your life.


How do you know if you need a career coach?

OR…You may also be thinking…

Is a career coach right for me at this stage in my life?

Remember, a Coach can…

  • Help you discover your dreams, passions and can support your journey through encouragement and collaboration.
  • Identify internal and external barriers that are preventing your success and offering tools and intentional activities that reveal how to move past them and create the life you want to live.
  • See something amazing in you that you just don’t see.
  • Guide and nurture your self-discovery.

But I believe one of the most important roles of a Coach is to…

  • Become your accountability partner. Someone who not only helps you shape a compelling vision of your life…but is there to keep you on track by offering thoughtful and authentic feedback.

A great article called “How to Work with An Accountability Partner to Conquer Your Personal Goals” stresses the benefits of finding this type of relationship:

For more information on how coaching can transform your life, check out the following video: “What is a Life Coach” by Transformation Academy:

But many people are skeptical about the coaching relationship and benefits to personal and career well being.

Here are 2 common myths about hiring a Coach


Honestly, it depends on how you look at it. Coaching is an investment in yourself.


It’s hard to justify the money! I get it!

Sometimes it’s difficult to invest in yourself, but IT IS worth the money over the long term.

Learning how to manage yourself…

Discovering who you are and how to achieve your passions, dreams, and capabilities…

Will affect how you feel about yourself and will positively affect those people around you.

Coaching is not a short-term investment. Do not think that with one session you will have adopted the mindset and tools to become the best version of yourself.

My recommendation is to do your homework. Put thoughtful research into finding the right match for you.

This means taking advantage of free consultations from SEVERAL coaches.

Be sure to use your contacts or network to get referrals.

Also, if you hire a coach and you do not feel a connection to that person, their values, or intentions, be honest with them.

  • Let them know how you are feeling.
  • Provide feedback.

If it is still not working, consider a replacement.

Take Action:

Before you begin your research, start by writing or journaling your criteria for a Career Coach and be as specific as possible!


This is the biggest myth of all!

In many cases, it is the high performers & achievers that pay for coaching.


  • High Performers in most cases have a growth mindset; they want to get better in their personal and professional life…so they hire a coach.
  • They want to achieve mastery of their craft.
  • They want to learn how to lead the field and get to world-class status in their professional life.
  • They want to explore new perspectives, try new things, and practice their leadership skills.
  • They want to learn how to make better decisions.
  • They want to learn new ways to overcome barriers to their success.
  • They are looking for thoughtful and direct feedback on how to get better.

For more reasons why high performers use coaches, refer to LinkedIn article :“5 Reasons High Performers Hire Coaches”

People hire coaches for many reasons. Do not fall for the stereotype that only people with personal problems hire coaches.

Take Action:

Write or Journal how you could benefit from a coach.

  • What specific areas of your career would require improvement?
  • What areas in your life would you like to improve?
  • What areas of your life are good, but you want them to become better?
  • What areas of your life do you feel need transformation or more energy?

In summary, I believe that everyone can benefit from a Coach.

Here are the advantages of a coaching relationship:

  1. Help you with identifying your goals and how to implement them.
  2. A great partner during moments of transition in your life (new job, new relationships).
  3. A source of comfort and support.
  4. A motivator who inspires.
  5. A trusted partner who offers advice to help you grow.
  6. A great listener who does not judge your past or who you are as a person.
  7. A disciplined trainer who can provide you with the tools and practices to help you get better.

To help with your self discovery, I recommend the following resource from Life Coach, Mike Bayer “Best Self: Be You, Only Better”.

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